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The most meaningful aspect of Montessori for me as a parent is the understanding that from a very young age children want to act independently and do things for them themselves.

By setting up a home environment that gives children the opportunity to take charge of their self-care the home environment can help the child develop independence and self-esteem. By designing an environment that helps facilitate care of self we are encouraging independence that can only make our lives together easier, both in the short term and long term!

Our Love Parenting course will look at how we can support independence in the home so please register your interest.

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Love Parenting is a series of workshops that help you understand the needs of a young child. Practical and fun, with a goody bag to take away, you will discover simple Montessori principles for your home. We currently are planning for our next course. Please contact us if you are interested.


In the meantime, here are some ideas you can get started on!

Get your child to help you wash the car and learn the vocabulary of the parts of the car. With this and other tasks it’s important to focus on the process more than the shiny waxed finish!

Place a small jug of water or juice on a low refrigerator shelf and a glass in a low place so your child can independently get a drink.

Did you know?


It was a parent’s suggestion to Dr Montessori to add sandpaper letters into the Montessori classroom? These parents then helped Maria Montessori design the first set of sandpaper letters for the children to use. These are now central to the Language curriculum…so don’t underestimate the importance of parent ideas!!!


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