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Little Sweethearts Montessori is committed to promoting excellence in Montessori so it was a natural extension, as providers of quality Montessori education for the child to offer training, workshops and professional development for the Montessori Adult.

We established Montessori Centre Aotearoa in 2013 and over the past year we have provided Montessori workshops and professional support for anyone interested in furthering their education and learning more about Montessori.

We are accredited through Montessori Centre International (London), which can trace its history back to 1946 when the Montessori St Nicholas centre was founded to provide teacher training courses in the UK, with the help of Dr Montessori herself.

Led by LSM Montessori Consultant, Rhonda supports the continued development of the Montessori Trained Directresses (Teachers) who lead each or our Little Sweethearts classrooms, ensuring the consistent quality of the Montessori programme delivery across our Montessori environments.

Find out more about Maria Montessori or the Montessori Method.

For more details on the courses we have to offer through Montessori Centre Aotearoa, visit our

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