Our Beginners Nest aims to offer the best beginning for the young child. From a very early age a child wants to do things for themselves and our Beginners Nest gives a child the opportunity to grow in independence and confidence, allowing them to explore and make choices in a small, safe environment.

It is recognised that a child’s intellectual capabilities develop more rapidly between birth and six than at any other time in their lives as they absorb knowledge and learn spontaneously.

The Beginners Nest is a prepared Montessori environment that answers the specific needs of children from twelve months onwards. This home away from home offers activities such as washing, cleaning, cooking, sweeping, puzzles and other materials to aid a child in the development of their senses and co-ordination.

Meeting the needs of individual children, the Beginners Nest also offers a calm, secure environment where a child’s sense of order, desire to be independent and to help out is acknowledged. Through interacting with the environment and other children, under the guidance of the Directress a child will grow in confidence and their potential begin to unfold. A preparation program, the Beginners Nest also gives a child a gentle introduction to Montessori foundation before moving into the preschool at Little Sweethearts Montessori.

Practical Life is the most important area of learning for the child in the Beginners Nest. These activities are designed to help answer the younger child’s inner drive to do things for themselves. A child will have the opportunity to develop the skills to look after themselves and their environment. Emphasis is placed on the importance of working together and showing consideration for each other. Sharing is also a natural consequence in the Beginners Nest as only one set of each Montessori material is provided. Children will learn appropriate greetings, are shown how to move quietly about the classroom, wait patiently, push in a chair and how important it is not to disturb their friends who are working. They will also have the time to laugh, learn and grow together – the perfect beginning for life.