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Our Vision- Whakakitenga

To be a Montessori Community, Making a Difference

Our vision is to foster a peaceful learning community that promotes excellence in Montessori through nurturing a child’s independence, concentration and social responsibility.



Our Mission- Te Uaratanga

We follow Montessori’s vision of providing constant and meaningful experiences which naturally extend a child’s thinking and contributes to others in a real way.

We devote ourselves to helping each child develop independence, concentration, social responsibility and a love of learning.   Random acts of kindness take place as children develop habits that go beyond themselves developing an inner discipline and spirit of community that has in mind the greater good. This is achieved through a responsive and collaborative approach within our community of learners, both children and adults.


 Our Values- Ngā Uara

“May love and understanding teach me, lead me, guide me” Dr Montessori

Excellence- The work of Dr Montessori is our inspiration and guide with the outcome an environment that promotes the integrated learning of each child.

Respect- We seek to build strong, respectful, courteous and trusting relationships between children, families, staff and management

Compassion- We want to make a difference in our preschools; the children’s homes, the wider community and as citizens in a global community.


 Our Philosophy- Te Kaupapa

Little Sweethearts Montessori provides a complete Montessori programme that nurtures a child’s love of learning. Our beautiful home-like environment has been created to provide a supportive place where children can complete tasks using Montessori materials that introduce the world at a pace that is unique to them.

Great care is shown how to work and play together, to handle materials, improve co-ordination and to tackle problems in a logical, orderly manner.   A child is given the freedom to choose their own activities and work uninterrupted.

Meeting the needs of individual children, we offer a calm, secure environment where a child’s sense of order, desire to be independent and to help out is acknowledged. Through interacting with other children, under the guidance of the Directress a child will grow in confidence and their potential continue to unfold.

Our indoor outdoor flow within a three hour work cycle gives children the time and the space to laugh, learn and grow together which is at the very heart of our Montessori preschool.